Wake me up when the september ends.

Hello,peeps. I am back to here again.. I miss everthing that i had before. Oppppsss... not him! I hate the feeling,seriously. You bring alot of sadness into my life. YOU CAN'T IMAGINE HOW MUCH I HATE YOU! It doesn't matter what. That's what you suppose to deserve! What you did to every girl, i'll tell to everyone. You can say i'm too busybadyyy. Oh..My dear, This is ME! Original me! Don't blame me,please. I am just telling the TRUTH. :) If you didn't done with that, so how come i'll say so? Brainless people! Such a dumbass. I dare to curse you! You always say you gonna leave the world! OMGAWDDDD! How come now you still alive? Before, I still can stand for it, I feel you will change your attitude or else. Seem like, you didn't do so. Ahahahaha! I can't stand for a guy dumb a girl's feeling, EVER!

What if this world have a loud speaker for spreading a news to world, you know what i am gonna do the next. :D
What if i'm a killer, i won't kill you, even i hate you. I'll use tranquilizer gun for making you faint and then capture your nude body. You know what i am gonna do the next. :D

One day, you will get your retribution. I'm waiting for it! Good luck to you.

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