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Now-a-days, I saw facebook got many notes talking about love. Contohnya, how to chase a girl.. how to cheer a girl.. how to care bout your girlfii and so on. Ewwwwwwww... I felt so speechless weih. This may cause a bad effect on some girls. Especially those who under form3 -.- I'm serious,okay? They haven't got a mature thinking and then start to fall in love. 99.99% kena hurt liaw lor. Or some guy follow up the "tips" on how to be a "good boyfii" and then dumb a girl's feeling. This is what i always heard. Please lar,girls.. USE YOUR EYES AND SEE YOUR BOYFII ATTITUDE. Your eyes isn't an adornment.

If you really get hurt, be tough. If you wanna cry, hold your tears,turn around and cry nobody. If you get betray, don't think so much. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO!

Anyways, in chinese.. got one sentences is meaningful and yes, i trust this.

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ShinnLeng.Y said...

ic ...cause sometimes they only know love but dun know what the mesning of love ......

Pyee said...

Yea.. but if a guy really want to dumb a girl's feeling. He can use his whole life for dumb a girl. So kesian. =(

xuanxuan said...

Well said....I LIKE IT ! haha xD

Pyee said...

Ahahah! i know you do :D

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