Beat around the bush

Girl crave and eager for true love,always. Some of them ferret about a extremely nice guy whenever they knew their friend know a guy which is nice or rich or handsome or knowledgeable about something. Don't reckoned with guy'll honesty to you forever. That's impossible.

I believe there is no smoke without a fire. What if you bear out your relationship had boil up. You should ironed out before you make your next move. This is my advice. OR maybe you believe can tackle the bull by horns with him. Don't you feel you're unhappy than before. Owing to him?

I'm your best listener ever. Muahahahahahahahah! You can unleash your moody and whatever through the right ways. Cry is a right ways,maybe?

We should look forward to future.Please make out and map out what you want on your future.
Perk up, girl. Just rest on you.
love you. 
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