FYI, SPM result will release on 10 march. Someone said: maybe be on 23 march. Hmmmmm.. That's impossible,i guess. Some college is start their 2nd intake on 21 march. So how come on 23 march? As my friends knew that I'm studying LCCI lvl3 at PINTAR COLLEGE right now. I don't really like accounting actually but my mum ask me to study, what to do? :O I told myself, account is good for us. Even we don't want to work as a accountant,at least we know accounting. Someone's mum told me salary will more higher than others who don't know account. Hahahahaha!! Is it truth? She said I'm mature. Omgosh,is it true,aunty? *slap*

I got interest on psychology but I scare that's hard for me to study or handle it. If become a psychologist, the salary is so OMG because that's private salary. Even not a psychologist, or maybe become a school counselor, the salary not bad also,i guess. The major reason for me is I'm so trust on peoples. In future, if you work with Colleagues.In order to achieve their purpose, they will unscrupulously. STOP CATH!!! positive thinking positive thinking! *slap me please D;

Besides, I got interest on design. Just like design the website background or picture by lappie. NOT HAND DRAWING because my hand-drawing suck. I designed my own blogheader, my brain will hang sometimes, I got no idea what to put, how to put ,which one is more nicer. D; If  got a design's degree, got a job. The salary only RM2k below. After few year experience, RM3k above. So this is my second choice or else continue study accounting? D; Don't please.

Well, I want to apologize here because my money-minded so annoying. lol. Stop worry,start thinking. Goodluck to every EX-SPM candidates.


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