I need no permission, did I mention..Dont pay him any attention...Cuz you had your turn..But now you gonna learn...
What it really feels like to miss me...Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it..
Single ladies- Beyonce

Happy 17th birthday to myself
Ahahahahah! I do change alot. Don't you think so?

I have a wishlist.
I want my wish come true.
May i? :)

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If i'm not wrong, This video is credit by JoJo and Connie

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This video is freaking funny. I was laugh like hell and feel like OMGOMGOMG! FUGLY but FUNNY!
Thankiu so much for the suprise birthday partayyy. I do love it alotsssssss,seriously :)

If this is sew by you, i feel like abit touching and I'll use it. XD

Don't shock,please /.\
Yes, This is what pOp and sy3li called SEXYYYY SLEPPING DRESS. lol!

This is a card and with money. LOL.. I guess she don't know what to give so she give cash. Useful what,for me :D

This is draw by jojo :)
Btw,Thankiu the presents :)

P/s: I'll upload the video and pictures when i get from them..wait for me.. loves

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