Today is the last day of 2010. Finally 2011 is coming. Time passed so fast. I finished up my 5 years secondary life. I miss my schoolmates. Not teachers, especially discipline teacher,i doubt you too. p/s: but still im a good girl :P Imma getting eighteen a awesome age,i guess.This year, I have been gone through alot of shitty stuff. you know,i know,we know.
Girls , i have alot of words for yous.

First, # Crystal aka Crys aka Ah Chin
Let's flash back.We knew each other since standard 3. A skinny,short and lazy girl which is always caned by teacher,due to didn't done your homework. Standard 6,we in the same hotelroom when our graduation trip,we gossip all the night with another 2 girls and wenkang. lmao. After trip,holiday met you at kampung. Our grandma know each others. What can i say? That's FATE of us ! Form 1,I get into a horrible friendship make me cried a few times and scared. I have no friends. How im gonna face to others. Luckily, Form 2 i knew you but we are not so close that time. Rmb? We argued? I still laugh-out-loud now. *slap* Form 3, Im the one who suggest you be with the dumb. I knew that a worst memories EVER. In fact,I own you a apologize,seriously! I'm sorry . I got princess temper which is noone can stand of it but you. Imma too over ad. Hahaha. p/s: dont worry,now im so nice liaw,right? :P  We started to be close day by day. Form4, I be with him, you are the one who against. :) Well, love is blind We skipped tution went for movie,shopping,eating. The best one is skipped to midvalley. That's a so damn bravo -_____- but we used to be like this. p/s: now feel like wasting time eh. lmao! Form5, we skipped class when chemistry period. He dumb you,you feel sad. I rush to your house. Suppose I want to give you a warm hug and ask you don't be sad but I'm so shy. You know? You create a secret birthday party for me. Actually,I knew it. I'm the one who holding my mum's handphone and put loudspeaker and she talked to you.Ahahahahahaha! I tell you a secret here, after I listened, i did tears and insomnia,too excited?lol Btw, I appreciate everything you did for me. ily

Second, # Jojo aka Yuen Ling
She got a cherry mouth,so small,damn! Form1, we are in the same class but not closed at all. hahahahaha! First impression, why this girl so damn white huh and mouth so small one -________- Form2 started to close. Very shy and cool. Brain got alot of weird idea. Which always make us laugh-out-loud. Thankiu for attending the party and the card as present. i love it ! Baby♥ ,you'll be a great designer in future :)

Third, # Syeli aka Ah Li
She got a damn big eye which always sot peoples , especially guys. right? :P She eat alots but she still is so damn skinny, i swear! 170cm,40kg. I'm so envy lorr.. I'm fat :( I met you since form2,we are closed that time. You are scorpio,is it this is why you protect yourself too over? We skipped tution with crys,sometimes with pop. HAHAHAHA!!! so bad girl :P Your mum always thought i'm the good girl . Shhhhhhh... Girl , Don't always hurt yourself and keep everything inside. We'll be there always. Ohya,like your party? Syeli song,so cute. The party not what I thought but still going smoothly. You did cried, don't blame the video,please. I know you feel suprise . tehehehehe. Don't get hurt again,my dear . That's not worth. You have been gone through alot of shitty relationship.I hope you already find a right guy which treat you nicely. ily

Fourth, #Lollipop aka 33
Form3 you shifted to our school and our class. Still rmb you twisted your foot. We feel so weird and talk something bad about you. Not worry, you're our baby ♥.We get to be closed. Pink is your favourite colour always,Green is a yucky colour for you. How cute you are? Form4 same tution,sometimes got skipped tution. Even you skipped,you still done your homework, not like us. :P You're a very good girl, no lie. Sometimes,stubborn abit. lol. No doubt,Everyone like you. You used to be cute . You be with your hubby so great. Your relationship going smoothly,maybe?  Congrate to you .

We don't know what happen another day but I appreciate our relationfriendship. I hope you girls healthy and happy. Of course,wealthy in future. *winkssssss*
Last but not least, ! RAWRRRRRRRR ~ I love yous and yes,i mean it

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